REFLECTION   Sunday 28th March


‘Even though I walk  

through the valley of the shadow of death,  

I will fear no evil,  

for you are with me;’ 



Here we all are – facing something we’ve never faced before. Our lives are being slowly shut down.  

We are gently but firmly ordered to stay indoors as much as possible; told not to be selfish, 

to keep the vulnerable and the NHS safe.. 



It is hard for us to comprehend. Last week our daughter phoned to say she needed a table 

to act as a desk for our son-in-law’s temporary office at home. 

We had one and took it over to Linlithgow.


It was odd for us, placing the folding table at the front door 

and stepping back on to the lawn. 

We spoke to the family for about 5 minutes 

separated, unable to hug,  

unable to ruffle our grandson’s hair 

or kiss our granddaughter’s forehead. 

We left blowing kisses,  

never doubting our love for each other.  



These enforced separations leave many of us bereft of the company of people we see 

at church, at clubs, and other daily or weekly pursuits.  

My wife is having withdrawal symptoms  

from morning coffee with friends at Dobbie’s.


These simple activities make up the fabric of our lives and help to keep us socially and mentally balanced. 

We are conscious of people on their own now deprived of visits from friend or carers. 

How are we to keep heathy in mind and body while serving God during this crisis?


Leslie Weatherhead offers us help to face our fears.


Let us, fifty times a day if need be, set before us a picture of the real God, utterly loving, whatever we have done, 

infinitely strong, resourceful and purposeful, finding this way for us when that way is closed  

…….who will not allow us to be lost and defeated


if we trust him…Let us commit ourselves to him every morning for the real God is to be trusted, 

and whatever happens to us – we shall know that eternal love still bears us on its bosom, 

and that we shall find our way home without regret.                                                                                                 Amen






Abide with us Lord, when the evening approaches, and the day is almost over. 

Abide with us Lord, as the days are hastening on, and we hasten with them. 

Abide with us Lord, and with all your faithful people, making yourself known,


in the reading of your word, and the breaking of bread. 

Lighten our darkness, Lord, 

and by your mercy defend us from all dangers of the night; 

through Jesus Christ our Lord.                                  Amen 


God bless you and keep you. 



I hope to continue sending messages to the congregation throughout this time of “shut down”. 

I don’t have a list of phone numbers, but if you feel alone and isolated and would like to talk to someone - please feel free to call me on 01383730305 or 07484320907 (You can leave a message on the mobile.) 


Willie McC. 

Locum Minister










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