Reflection for August


Pamela Scott DCS


There are always times in our lives that things don’t go so well, we find things difficult, we might be put under a lot of stress, things just don’t work out as they should.  This is life and we can’t get away from it but what we should remember is that God is always with us.  


Several times in Genesis 39, we read that the Lord was with Joseph.  However, that didn’t make him exempt from jealousy and betrayal, or the advances of Potiphar’s wife or the lies that sent him to prison.  Joseph had no idea that he was in training, while all this was going on.  God wanted to see if Joseph was going to choose trust over lust, obedience over dishonesty.   


It is when we look back over our lives that we realise why one of God’s names is REDEEMER.  He can redeem everything we have been through, whether it is good, bad or ugly.  The lesson that Joseph learned is that God was with him all the time, even when there was no evidence, He was there.  We have to remember that He is walking alongside us too.  He is going ahead of us to rearrange circumstances in our favour.  Sometimes, however, in God’s plan things can get worse before they get better.  It is at these times that we have to tighten our grip and lean harder on God.


We have to remember that God says in Hebrews 13:5,  


“Never will I leave you: 


never will I forsake you.”






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