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Reflection from the Parish Assistant



Reflection for December


Pamela Scott




The season of Advent has quickly come upon me.  I knew Christmas was fast approaching as I had seen the signs, the shops with decorations and all the Christmas gifts and food, the lights attached to lamp-post in towns, houses decorated inside and out.  I knew it was about the time for Advent, but I was still caught off guard.




This defeats the point of Advent, in the church it is meant to be a time of waiting, watching and expectation.  Waiting for Christmas, so we can remember that first Christmas, when Jesus Christ was born.  It is also a time to wait, watch and prepare for the coming again of Jesus, as he had promised.  Advent should be a time to reflect and contemplate the true meaning of Christmas and the promise given by Jesus to come again.  However, so easily we can get caught up in the buying of presents, getting the tree and decorations just right, running around trying to get the food we want for the special meal that we may have.  All the time Advent is being push out.




It reminded me of a pregnant mother, and while she may have a baby shower (something, which has fairly recently started) or gets presents when she leaves work, the main time of celebration is once the baby is born.  Family and friends all want to visit the new born baby and the parents with presents as soon as possible, sometimes the new family don’t have time to themselves.  Before the baby is born though, the parents have been preparing, they may have decorated a room specially, they would get all the necessary equipment, pram, cot, sheets, blankets, vests, nappies and lots more beside.




We too, should be like these parents and not rush into Christmas, singing Christmas carols and telling the Christmas story but instead we should be using the time of Advent to reflect, wait, watch, and prepare for the coming of Christmas, the celebration of that first Christmas but also the coming again of Christ in the future.




May you all have a Merry, joyous and Peaceful Christmas…WHEN IT COMES!!












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