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Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep St Serf’s Parish Church at the heart of our community and to make it a place where people of any faith or none will be made welcome and can both discover and grow in Christ.

Presbytery Plan

The current Presbytery Plan allows for a team of three to serve this parish: a Minister of Word and Sacrament, a full-time Associate Minister/Deacon and a part-time Parish Worker. The Church has a full-time Minister, a full-time Parish Assistant and a part-time Outreach Worker in post.




Worship/Ministry Group

We have a Worship/Ministry Group within the congregation which works alongside the Ministry Team to assist in the development of bible study groups, prayer group, healing service, special services and to expand our spiritual dimension. We were in vacancy for a minister for some time and we met the challenges that brought. However, we have a new minister to lead the congregation to reach out further in the community and meet our potential to spread the Good News of Christ. We, the congregation, will support the minister by being hardworking, enthusiastic and open to change. We are young at heart, family orientated, caring, welcoming, as well as generous and giving.


Parish Profile : Our new Minister, Rev Zoltan Safrany, was inducted on 12th November 2020 and our Parish Profile is for information only.

Parish Profile



Rev Zoltan Safrany

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