January 2020 Reflection


Pamela Scott- Deacon




At the start of any New Year it is always a time to reflect.  A time to reflect on what has happened in the last year and what might be ahead.  We may decide that we will lose weight in the year ahead, or we might plan to go to the gym every day so that we become fitter.  Some people decide to learn a new skill or pledge to do something every day such as read each book of the Bible.  however, no matter how committed we are, we are likely to give up at some point during the year.  Often it is not a conscious decision, but life gets in the way.  Something happens to break the habit we are forming.




So, is it better to decide to do something that is much simpler to do? 




I found this poem by Mary Fairchild that might just inspire us to simply trust and obey God, make a promise to ourselves to follow, trust and obey.




I tried to think of a clever new phrase—
A slogan to inspire the next 365 days,
A motto to live by this coming New Year,
But the catchy words fell flat to my ear.


And then I heard His still small voice
Saying, "Consider this simple, daily choice:
With each new dawn and close of day
Make new your resolve to trust and obey."


"Don't look back, caught in regret
Or dwell on the sorrow of dreams unmet;
Don't stare forward anchored by fear,
No, live in this moment, for I Am here."


"I am all you need. Everything. I Am.
You are held secure by my strong hand.
Give me this one thing—your all in all;
Into my grace, let yourself fall."


So, at last, I'm ready; I see the way.
It's to daily follow, trust, and obey.
I enter the New Year armed with a plan,
To give Him my everything—all that I am.


--Mary Fairchild




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